Learning Organisation of the 21st century  

We help leaders consciously develop the potential of all people at their company so that they pull together and know why they do what they do and how to do it well.

We can buy modern technologies and learn methods for improving work effectiveness. However, the only competitive advantage today is people. The importance of human potential management is growing dramatically. Learning Organisation of the 21st century is an intensive course with a strong emphasis on practically implementing and sharing experience in the network of like-minded professionals.

Practical implementation is our top priority.
The intensive course includes

Support and guidance

Practical tools
and instructions


“There is an amazing synergy in the learning organisation: the company uses the full potential of all employees without wasting money on inefficient training, and at the same time, the company is very people-friendly because it develops people’s skills.”
Tomáš Hruda, co-author of the course

the course will give you everything you need to develop your learning organisation

  • Diagnostics: you will know precisely how far you have come on your journey to a learning organisation.
  • Comprehensive mix of time-tested models and practical tools.
  • Support and guidance to help you implement everything you have learned at your company.
  • You will experience personal growth, and that will have a positive impact on your company.
  • You will be part of a network of professionals who have a similar way of thinking and where you can always seek advice.

The programme Structure

  • Combination of presentations, group work, self-study, individual experiments with practical implementation, peer-to-peer sharing and one-on-one consultations.
  • Each of the three parts starts with a full-day, seven-hour workshop (you will receive all the necessary materials and entry tickets in advance). The meeting combines presentations, group work and implementation exercises.
  • Over the following few weeks, you will implement everything you have learned at your company with our support.
  • Afterwards, there will be a half-day meeting where you can share your experience with others and find new inspiration.
  • In total, there will be three full-day meetings + three half-day meetings + three one-on-one consultations + self-study + implementation in your team or organisation.
  • The programme lasts for five to six months.

The programme consists of three parts





Preliminary work





The programme is designed
by experienced professionals

Tomáš Hruda 
Tomáš wants to give education its true meaning. He fulfils the vision “Education as part of life”.
Education Republic

Standa Tichý
Standa helps teams and companies learn and develop and measure intangible aspects of company culture and human capital.

Aleš Pokorný
Aleš has worked as a teacher, coach and inspirer for 20 years in the world of education, development and design.

Martin Ruman
He runs the agency Odyssey.cz with the mission of promoting a meaningful approach to human capital management.        

Lea Mentlíková
Lea focuses on talent management (especially L&D) and learning company culture.
Court of Moravia

David Vrba
David helps companies and teams be beautiful on the inside and confident on the outside.

Luboš Malý
Luboš seeks a balance among processes, technologies and, most importantly, people.   
Lego + Red Button

This course is for you, if

  • You believe that your people are the key to developing your organisation further.
  • You want to change your organisation and have enough influence on the organisation.
  • You are determined to invest energy and time into changing and represent it personally.

The programme is designed for

  • Closed groups of 8 to 12 participants.
  • Ideally, two people from the same company (e.g. the owner or CEO + HR or another position that is mostly in charge of people). This will be a great opportunity for you to truly make your company grow.
“Learning organisations are based on the principle of consciously developing the potential of all people at the company. Thanks to everyone’s genuine engagement and objectively high competence, people perform significantly better.”